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We are excited to finish our first year of our All Star Prep program.


We competed with 2 teams (Tiny, 5-6 year olds & Youth, 5-11 year olds) in the All Star Prep Level 1.1 Division.


The season was marked with great individual and team achievements and parental praise,

so we have plans to repeat our program (with some great enhancements) in Fall 2020!

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About our All Star Program:


Mission: To offer an All Star cheerleading experience throughout the schoolyear in a Christian environment.


Goal: To introduce young girls to a competitive cheerleading environment with a focus on glorifying God through healthy competition, while using appropriate music, movements and uniforms.


Activities: Our CCASP teams are Level 1 or 2 All-Star Prep and Novice  teams that focus on all elements of an All-Star routine: stunts, tumbling, jumps and dance for beginners.


Vision: Our desire at Cross Cheer All Star is that every girl would walk away from this experience feeling loved, encouraged, valued, and pointed towards a relationship with Jesus, all while learning the fundamentals of cheerleading.



  • Competition Season: September – February (6 months)

  • Practices: TBD based on team

  • Where: First Baptist Church Richardson Activities Center Gym,

          1001 North Central Expressway, Richardson, TX 75080

          *Occasional practices closer to competition date will be held

           at a facility with full competition flooring.

  • Competitions:

           2 Local Competitions in the DFW Metroplex (Dates TBD))

           + 1 Exhibition for Families & Local Community

          *ASP teams compete 1 weekend day per competition

  • Who: Girls 5 +(must be at least 5)

  • Skill Requirements: No prior cheerleading experience needed. Our coaches will train each participant. Attending a

          tumbling class outside of our ASP practice or during the off

          season will be beneficial. 

  • 2020-21 Costs:

          Monthly Tuition: $135

             *Tuition includes weekly coaching, facility usage, routine

               music/choreography, practice shirt, competition                        

               registration fees and USASF membership.

              *Must be paid by the 5th of each month to guarantee a

               spot on our team (auto draft available upon registration)

              *A 30-day notice must be given to drop out of program

              *1st month’s tuition includes registration fee and is non-


           Uniform Fee: $180

           Each participant provides their own white tennis shoes,

           black shorts and transportation to competitions.

  • Coaching: Erika Toney will be head coaching the CCASP team. She has been involved in cheerleading for over 20 years including being an SMU cheerleader, winning 2nd place at NCA Collegiate National Competition, coaching High School Varsity cheer for 10 years at MacArthur High School and Trinity Christian Academy. In addition to working for Cross Cheer for many years, Erika and husband, Michael, find joy in their two daughters, Raylee and Harper. She attends Watermark Community Church in Dallas. The team will also have an assistant coach(s).


   *The above details may change during the spring/summer based on prior season feedback.

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